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We are so much more than a design company
We are founders that have been through it all with building companies. Reach out to us! 🤝
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A letter from Adam
Welcome to Hapier Creative! Here we have taken all the skills and knowledge we have gained through the years of building and applied that to you, our awesome clients. Derek and I are ambitious, growth-oriented, and hungry. Not only for ourselves and our growth but also for you. We love solving difficult problems. Working to find the solution even if it means 16 hour days and some mental elbow grease. There is no problem for us that is too small. We look forward to working with you and we hope we can help solve some of your problems.

Derek Burgman
Co-founder - Web/App Developer
Derek is a technical leader who has worked on multiple companies since graduating college. He has been developing websites and Applications for 6+ years. He is from San Antonio and grew up building small projects that peak his innate curiosity.
Adam Valenta
Co-founder - Web/App Designer
Adam is a communicative leader when it comes to solving problems. He has been involved in technology for 3+ years and started a previous company with Derek. He loves getting down to the details and solving the hard problems that come with each unique business.
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